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SQL Server 2012 features – (SQL Denali)

Below is a list of features that we should see in the final version of SQL 2012:

— Project Crescent: A new ad hoc reporting and data visulization tool. This tool is now part of CTP3 and it seems it might fill a gap in self-service BI for those who were are after tool that allows to perform quick analysis.
For more information visit the link below
Analysis Services – Roadmap for SQL Server “Denali” and Beyond

— Column Based Indexing (ColumnStore Indexes): Long story short. It is extremelly fast (query time) but also works only on read only tables. This might get handy for reports that are based on data warehouses and not cubes, or cubes that are based on several databases and not only data warehouse database. Currently I’m not sure if that will improve performance of cubes (ROLAP/HOLAP) or processing time of cubes but I will look into and update this post.
Below is documentation for this feature
Columnstore Indexes for Fast Data Warehouse Query Processing in SQL Server 11.0

— SSIS Changes: There were included in CTP 1 and the main change is around configuration which wasn’t so great in previous version (it was ok). A lot of tiny improvement have been made to make develors life easier for instance replacing existing source with a different one will not break everything in data flow task which was rather very frustrating.

— SQL Server AlwaysOn: As the name suggests it is high-availability option and it is considered to be the next evolution of database mirroring. Below is link to Microsoft describing this feature in much more details:
SQL Server AlwaysOn

— BISM (BI Semantic Model). This might be one of the most important business intelligence features in next version of SQL Server which is getting a lot of attention from Microsoft in the last several year.  In order to understant this you should have knowledge of SSAS with UDM and PowerPivot (Vertipaq Engine). BISM works like UDM but it is not the same and it is not intened to replace it.  It is also more relational than multidimensional. In PowerPivot we have Vertipaq engine a very nice engine… BISM will use it as well! So we have increased performance with slightly lower complexity which some  people complaint about when they were switching from Relational/T-SQL to Multidimensional/MDX world….Query language in BISM is still MDX but you can also use new DAX language. I know; even for technical people it is clear as mud so below is link explaining it in more details and I think we will just have to wait for it and have a test drive to understand its potential. SQL Server Denali BI Semantic Model (BISM)

— SQL Server Reporting Services Improvements: There are no changes in “design” mode which is not very suprising as we got a few new features in SQL Server 2008 R2 but at the same time it is rather disappointing for me that Microsoft still has very limited filters which I consider to but No. 1 biggest SSRS problem.

— Other features: We also have Contained Databases, Filetable, Support for Windows Server Core, New SSMS and New development environement codename Juneau.
For brief description of the above features see the link below:
SQL Server Denali features

— If you know about other features that may come with final version SQL Server 2011 codename Denali than post a comment below.

For those attending SQL Bits 9 in Liverpool (UK) below is a link to my Saturday (1st of October 2011) session:
Advanced SSRS. Find out what you have been missing

Denali Release Dates

sql server denali release date
sql server denali ctp1 release date
sql server denali ctp2 release date

Denali Downloads

sql server denali ctp1 download
sql server denali ctp2 download
sql server denali download

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