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List of Powershell cmdlets for Exchange 2007/Exchange 2010

List of Powershell cmdlets for Exchange 2007/Exchange 2010
cmdlet cmdlet name client access hub transport mailbox edge transport unified messaging
AcceptedDomain Get-AcceptedDomain X X
New-AcceptedDomain X X
Remove-AcceptedDomain X X
Set-AcceptedDomain X X
ActiveSyncConnectivity Test-ActiveSyncConnectivity X
ActiveSyncDevice Clear-ActiveSyncDevice X
Remove-ActiveSyncDevice X
ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics X
ActiveSyncLog Export-ActiveSyncLog X
ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy Get-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy X
New-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy X
Remove-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy X
Set-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy X
ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory X
New-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory X
Remove-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory X
Set-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory X
AddressList Get-AddressList X
Move-AddressList X
New-AddressList X
Remove-AddressList X
Set-AddressList X
Update-AddressList X
AddressRewriteEntry Get-AddressRewriteEntry X
New-AddressRewriteEntry X
Remove-AddressRewriteEntry X
Set-AddressRewriteEntry X
ADPermission Add-ADPermission X X X X X
Get-ADPermission X X X X X
Remove-ADPermission X X X X X
ADSite Get-AdSite X
Set-AdSite X X
AdSiteLink Get-AdSiteLink X
Set-AdSiteLink X
AgentLog Get-AgentLog X X
AntispamUpdates Disable-AntispamUpdates X X
Enable-AntispamUpdates X X
Get-AntispamUpdates X X
AttachmentFilterEntry Add-AttachmentFilterEntry X
Get-AttachmentFilterEntry X
Remove-AttachmentFilterEntry X
AttachmentFilterListConfig Get-AttachmentFilterListConfig X
Set-AttachmentFilterListConfig X
AutoDiscoverConfig Export-AutoDiscoverConfig X
AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory X
New-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory X
Remove-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory X
Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory X
AvailabilityAddressSpace Add-AvailabilityAddressSpace X
Get-AvailabilityAddressSpace X
Remove-AvailabilityAddressSpace X
AvailabilityConfig Get-AvailabilityConfig X
Set-AvailabilityConfig X
CASMailbox Get-CASMailbox X
Set-CASMailbox X
ClientAccessServer Get-ClientAccessServer X
Set-ClientAccessServer X
ClusteredMailboxServer Move-ClusteredMailboxServer X
Start-ClusteredMailboxServer X
Stop-ClusteredMailboxServer X
ClusteredMailboxServerStatus Get-ClusteredMailboxServerStatus X
Contact Get-Contact X
Set-Contact X
ContentFilterConfig Get-ContentFilterConfig X X
Set-ContentFilterConfig X X
ContentFilterPhrase Add-ContentFilterPhrase X X
Get-ContentFilterPhrase X X
Remove-ContentFilterPhrase X X
ContinuousReplicationHostName Disable-ContinuousReplicationHostName X
Bitmap Enable-ContinuousReplicationHostName X
Database Dismount-Database X
Mount-Database X
DatabaseCopy Enable-DatabaseCopy X
DatabasePath Move-DatabasePath X
DetailsTemplate Get-DetailsTemplate X
Restore-DetailsTemplate X
Set-DetailsTemplate X
DistributionGroup Disable-DistributionGroup X
Enable-DistributionGroup X
Get-DistributionGroup X
New-DistributionGroup X
Remove-DistributionGroup X
Set-DistributionGroup X
DistributionGroupMember Add-DistributionGroupMember X
Get-DistributionGroupMember X
Remove-DistributionGroupMember X
DynamicDistributionGroup Get-DynamicDistributionGroup X
New-DynamicDistributionGroup X
Remove-DynamicDistributionGroup X
Set-DynamicDistributionGroup X
EdgeSubscription Get-EdgeSubscription X X
New-EdgeSubscription X X
Remove-EdgeSubscription X X
EdgeSynchronization Start-EdgeSynchronization X X
Test-EdgeSynchronization X X
EmailAddressPolicy Get-EmailAddressPolicy X
New-EmailAddressPolicy X
Remove-EmailAddressPolicy X
Set-EmailAddressPolicy X
Update-EmailAddressPolicy X
EventLogLevel Get-EventLogLevel X X X X X
Set-EventLogLevel X X X X X
ExchangeAdministrator Add-ExchangeAdministrator X
Get-ExchangeAdministrator X
Remove-ExchangeAdministrator X
ExchangeCertificate Enable-ExchangeCertificate X X
Export-ExchangeCertificate X X
Get-ExchangeCertificate X X
Import-ExchangeCertificate X X
New-ExchangeCertificate X
Remove-ExchangeCertificate X X
ExchangeSearch Test-ExchangeSearch X
ExchangeServer Get-ExchangeServer X X X X X
Set-ExchangeServer X X X X X
FileDistributionService Update-FileDistributionService X X
ForeignConnector Get-ForeignConnector X X
New-ForeignConnector X X
Remove-ForeignConnector X X
Set-ForeignConnector X X
GlobalAddressList Get-GlobalAddressList X
New-GlobalAddressList X
Remove-GlobalAddressList X
Set-GlobalAddressList X
Update-GlobalAddressList X
Group Get-Group X
Set-Group X
ImapConnectivity Test-ImapConnectivity X
ImapSettings Get-IMAPSettings X
Set-IMAPSettings X
IPAllowListConfig Get-IPAllowListConfig X X
Set-IPAllowListConfig X X
IPAllowListEntry Add-IPAllowListEntry X X
Get-IPAllowListEntry X X
Remove-IPAllowListEntry X X
IPAllowListProvider Add-IPAllowListProvider X X
Get-IPAllowListProvider X X
Remove-IPAllowListProvider X X
Set-IPAllowListProvider X X
Test-IPAllowListProvider X X
IPAllowListProvidersConfig Get-IPAllowListProvidersConfig X X
Set-IPAllowListProvidersConfig X X
IPBlockListConfig Get-IPBlockListConfig X X
Set-IPBlockListConfig X X
IPBlockListEntry Add-IPBlockListEntry X X
Get-IPBlockListEntry X X
Remove-IPBlockListEntry X X
IPBlockListProvider Add-IPBlockListProvider X X
Get-IPBlockListProvider X X
Remove-IPBlockListProvider X X
Set-IPBlockListProvider X X
Test-IPBlockListProvider X X
IPBlockListProvidersConfig Get-IPBlockListProvidersConfig X X
Set-IPBlockListProvidersConfig X X
Bitmap JournalRule Disable-JournalRule X
Enable-JournalRule X
Get-JournalRule X
New-JournalRule X
Remove-JournalRule X
Set-JournalRule X
LogonStatistics Get-LogonStatistics X
Mailbox Connect-Mailbox X
Disable-Mailbox X
Enable-Mailbox X
Export-Mailbox X
Get-Mailbox X
Import-Mailbox X
Move-Mailbox X
New-Mailbox X
Remove-Mailbox X
Restore-Mailbox X
Set-Mailbox X
MailboxCalendarSettings Get-MailboxCalendarSettings X
Set-MailboxCalendarSettings X
MailboxDatabase Clean-MailboxDatabase X
Get-MailboxDatabase X
New-MailboxDatabase X
Remove-MailboxDatabase X
Set-MailboxDatabase X
MailboxFolderStatistics Get-MailboxFolderStatistics X
MailboxPermission Add-MailboxPermission X
Get-MailboxPermission X
Remove-MailboxPermission X
MailboxServer Get-MailboxServer X
Set-MailboxServer X
MailboxStatistics Get-MailboxStatistics X
MailContact Disable-MailContact X
Enable-MailContact X
Get-MailContact X
New-MailContact X
Remove-MailContact X
Set-MailContact X
MailFlow Test-Mailflow X
MailPublicFolder Disable-MailPublicFolder X
Enable-MailPublicFolder X
Get-MailPublicFolder X
Set-MailPublicFolder X
MailUser Disable-MailUser X
Enable-MailUser X
Get-MailUser X
New-MailUser X
Remove-MailUser X
Set-MailUser X
ManagedContentSettings Get-ManagedContentSettings X
New-ManagedContentSettings X
Remove-ManagedContentSettings X
Set-ManagedContentSettings X
ManagedFolder Get-ManagedFolder X
New-ManagedFolder X
Remove-ManagedFolder X
Set-ManagedFolder X
ManagedFolderAssistant Start-ManagedFolderAssistant X
Stop-ManagedFolderAssistant X
ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy Get-ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy X
New-ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy X
Remove-ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy X
Set-ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy X
MAPIConnectivity Test-MapiConnectivity X
Message Export-Message X X
Get-Message X X
Remove-Message X X
Resume-Message X X
Suspend-Message X X
MessageClassification Get-MessageClassification X

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