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Disable Email Policy Integration Mode In TMG 2010…

One issue that you will come across while working with
TMG 2010 & Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server is the
integration between the two. By default, once you have both TMG &
Forefront in the same box and has configured “Email Policy” in TMG, the
TMG takes full control of the Forefront configuration. Any configuration
change that needs to be made to Forefront has to be made in TMG.

If you act clever and make the changes in Forefront console,
TMG will periodically check & overwrite the Forefront config with
what is being configured on TMG. This is something to bear in mind.

Now, some users find alerts being generated in the TMG
console once in three minutes or so saying that “TMG detected changes in
Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Forefront Protection
configuration, and reapplied the e-mail policy configuration”.

An error will be logged in the event viewer as well with event id 31506.
This error generation happens every 3 minutes and it gets to a
point where your event viewer has thousands of these error messages.
You get the same alerts in the “Alerts” tab in the “Monitoring” node in
TMG console. This looks to be a bad coding from the Forefront team that
neither are they exposing all Forefront options to be configured in TMG
console nor letting us to make a change in Forefront.

Until the team sorts this issue of overwriting, you can
disable the integration between Forefront & TMG and you will be able
to configure your desired settings in Forefront. To do that, open the
TMG console and navigate to the “Troubleshooting” node (last one) and
click on “Control Email Policy Configuration Integration” button on the
right hand side.

Integration Off button
Select “Disabled” and click OK.
Disable Integration
Apply the changes.
Apply changes
Make sure that the integration is disabled by navigating to “Email Policy” node.
Confirm integration off
No more 31506 errors!


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